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Saint Chandler Candle


Could this candle BE any more divine?

Light your Saint Chandler candle and recite the following prayer: "Oh, Saint Chandler, whose humor is as boundless as the internet, we light this candle in your honor. May your wit be our guiding light through the darkest memes, and may your sarcasm shield us from the trolls. As we navigate the vast expanse of the digital realm, let your legendary one-liners be our inspiration. Amen."

Light this candle in times of need for a dose of humor and wisdom. Invoke the spirit of Saint Chandler when facing internet chaos or when a well-timed quip is required. Caution: Excessive sarcasm may lead to uncontrollable laughter.

Perfect for any fan of Matthew Perry or of Friends!

* 100% original artwork

* Made in the USA

* Hand-poured candles

* 8" tall and 2.25" across

* 7-day burn