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Garbage Pail Kids Pop Up

See the Garbage Pail Kids as you’ve never seen them before in the first official GPK pop-up book! Five pop-up spreads and ten exclusive, removable, and interactive GPK cards make this a must-have for any GPK collector.

It's been quite a year for the Garbage Pail Kids! This pop-up yearbook memorializes the mischief and mayhem of GPK Elementary.

GET SCHOOLED WITH STINKY, SLIMY POP-UPS: Discover scenes of a typical school day, as straight-F students like Adam Bomb, Patty Putty, and Luke Puke burst, spew, and ooze from intricately designed popup scenes, courtesy of legendary paper engineer Matthew Reinhart.

EXCLUSIVE, INTERACTIVE GPK CARDS: As a truly unique collector's item for pop-culture enthusiasts and GPK fans of all generations, this pop-up yearbook also includes ten removable, transforming GPK cards. The first of its kind, each card includes a pull tab that transforms a dignified yearbook photo into a scene of classic GPK chaos, complete with sparkling holographic effects.

FUN FOR ADULTS AND (GARBAGE PAIL) KIDS ALIKE: This pop-up book is sure to delight GPK collectors of all ages.

DELIGHTFULLY DISGUSTING NEW ILLUSTRATIONS: Featuring original, spectacular artwork by fan-favorite GPK artist Joe Simko, this pop-up book captures the signature humor and over-the-top action of the Garbage Pail Kids in an all-new way.

MATTHEW REINHART'S LATEST AND GREATEST POP-UP BOOK: World renowned paper crafter Matthew Reinhart's newest pop-up book joins best-selling titles including Harry Potter: A Pop-Up Guide to Diagon Alleyand Beyond, Star Wars: The Ultimate Pop-Up Galaxy, Stranger Things: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book, and Jurassic World: The Ultimate Pop-Up Book.

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