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Disappointing Affirmations Pencil Set


Cross out toxic positivity with these high-quality graphite pencils for a low-quality, disappointing world from the creator of the wildly popular @disappointingaffirmations Instagram account.

 The Disappointing Affirmations pencil set includes ten eraser-topped graphite pencils. As stylish as they are functional, these standard HB / No. 2 pencils make excellent desk accessories. Featuring realistic and subversively funny affirmations engraved on beautiful scenes from nature, they're the opposite of terrible for writing stuff down or whatever. 

COUNTER TOXIC POSITIVITY, INSPIRE CREATIVITY: Engraved with affirmations and occasional profanity upon colorful natural settings, these funny pencils counter positivity culture as you jot down notes, stories, doodles, lists, and more.

ADDS A TOUCH OF HUMOR: These wooden pencils are a great way to add a touch of humor and irreverence to everyday writings.

MAKES AN EXCELLENT GIFT: This bold yet elegant set of ten pencils makes an excellent gift for any avid writer or doodler, and anyone who isn't relentlessly cheerful and doesn't feel seen.