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Crazy Ice Bubbles In Bubble Blower


Crazy Ice Bubbles is a special formula to be easily used in Winter. Crazy Ice Bubbles make crazy fun! Crazy Ice Bubbles is a unique, specially-designed bubble formula that makes longer-lasting, further-flying bubbles that freeze into beautiful, snow globe-like ice bubbles in cold temperatures. Designed with cold weather in mind, Crazy Ice Bubbles makes more fun out of winter!

The surface tension (strength) of this Crazy Ice Bubble solution is different than a regular bubble solution. Its thicker solution makes winter bubble fun last longer.

  • Crazy Ice Bubbles fly amazingly far in the cold!
  • At temperatures below 18 Fahrenheit, they begin to freeze like snow globes!
  • No two frozen Crazy Ice Bubbles are the same!
  • Crazy Ice Bubbles are long-lasting and you get a lot of bubbles in each blow!
  • Ages 5 years and up

    Includes Bubbles Bubble Electronic Blower with 3.5oz Bubbles