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Cosmic Love Zodiac Pillow Cases White


Imagine the stars aligning for the most amazing night ever. Introduces a world of love, fantasy, exploration and exhilaration with it's its latest alluring creation.

COSMIC LOVE PILLOWCASES celebrate your sign by featuring all 12 zodiac signs- Aries Aquarius Cancer Capricorn Gemini Leo Libra Pisces Sagittarius Scorpio Taurus Virgo! Hand drawn by Erika Mark, each zodiac illustration reveals a sex position that fits your astrological sign’s unique and sexy personality, answering the question- HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?

CONTENT & CARE INSTRUCTIONS 2 STANDARD PILLOW CASES (A SET) Made of 100% breathable cotton, these allergy protection pillow covers are soft to the touch, easy to care for, and do not retain heat, so you can get a cool, comfortable, and allergy-free night’s sleep.

Color: White