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Tree In Bloom Candle

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Decorated by hand with approx. 50 flowers on one side, the 'Tree in Bloom' is guaranteed to light up your room. And it smells blooooming amazing!

Scented Dark Green Tree of Light Beeswax Candle 

Handmade and decorated by hand

Composition: 100 % beeswax, cotton wick, dye, bloom scent

Tree of Light Decorative Beeswax Candle

The 7 wicks provide a spectacular and dramatic view when all lit.

Very Important: Do NOT expose the item to direct sunlight or a direct heating source.

Please NOTE:

The Beeswax has filtered out to remove any debris, however impurities might occur.

This is a handmade item and minor imperfections can occur.

The product is hand-poured in small batches meaning there can be small variations in color.

Presented in a beautiful box

Handmade in London