Pizza Phone Charms

Pizza Phone Charms

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Customize your phone or mask with Face Mask Charms!

  • Easy to apply, just peel and stick.
  • Reusable over-and-over again, up to 100+ times.
  • Easy to remove when you’re ready to wash your mask. Just peel them off and stick them onto any other surface (like your phone, your refrigerator, your wall or any other surface) until you’re ready to reuse them.
  • Washable, if the adhesive gets dirty, spray it with hand sanitizer, gently rub the adhesive with your finger and let it air dry. The adhesive will regain stickiness like new.
  • Never leaves a residue.
  • Beautifully made with jewelry quality.

Product Features:

  • Each set includes two Mask Charms.
  • Made with scratch resistant hard enamel.
  • High quality, silver-plated.
  • Restickable and washable adhesive.