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Teen Worst Place Ribbon Set

SKU: Weight: 1.0
phone down ribbon
  • phone down ribbon
  • cleaned my room ribbon
  • vegetable ribbon
  • woke up ribbon
  • barely passed ribbon

Teen Worst Place Ribbon Set

SKU: Weight: 1.0

Product Details

The youth of today need constant validation no matter what, so we’ve created the perfect participation awards. Sure, they’re bright and playful, but they also carry some harsh truths. These are the Worst Place Awards for Teens.

Want to reward your spoiled teen son for cleaning his room? Can you believe your daughter bothered putting her phone down for once? And, are you dreaming right now, or did someone under the age of 20 actually just eat a vegetable in your kitchen?

Give those ingrates some tough love with these Worst Place Ribbons.

Set includes five ribbons. 

Measurements: 7.5 inches long x 2 inches wide